Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Background: Tyson ( A 6 MONTH OLD MALE ) was rescued from a breeder in Satara. The breeder planned to put him down because he did not want take care of him anymore. Luckily we happen to come across this case and we rescued him at once. Tyson has a little medical condition. During his birth he got injured on his head due to which is mental growth is stunted. His diet and upkeep was also neglected.The breeder didnt want to waste his time and money in taking care so he planned to put him down.
Now Tyson has been brought to Pune. We have showed him to Dr. Tulpule. According to him Tyson's physical conditions (slight bent in front legs) can be cured completely, only his mental condition will take time. Mental condition might alarm people but there is really nothing to worry. Tyson is just like any other dog who loves to eat, sleep, play, etc. I can say that because I have two dogs. There is no difference between the behavioural pattern of Tyson and my two dogs. He loves company of people and dogs. As far his physical condition is concerned, he is showing remarkable recovery with his medicines.
Rottweilers are percieved to be violent and aggressive but Tyson is completly opposite. He is loving, friendly and humble. We are looking for a genuine animal lover who will love and care for Tyson and keep him as a family member. Please note that so called "animal lovers" who keep pedigree dogs as status symbol will not be entertained.
Amruta Ubale


  1. can u tell my how old tyson is???

  2. can you suggest me a place where i can come and see tyson???

  3. Hi Amrita! I am sorry for the late reply. He is 6 months old. You can call me on 26861166. We can then decide the time.