Wednesday, April 22, 2009


'Felix' is a 6 - 7 month old male cat who is up for adoption..he is one fella who loves doing crazy antics :)

Binky n Beaver

'Binky' and 'Beaver' are male cats aged at 6 months up for adoption. Very playful fellas..they will keep you on your toes for sure :)


'Batman' is a handsome 6 month old male cat who is up for adoption.


'Daina' a healthy 7 week old female pomeranian cross up for adoption. she is very playful and sensitive.
she needs a very caring family someone will be there to accompany her at this tender stage.
this is one gal who is very alert as she barks at the slightest noise and also barks at the big dogs to defend herself :)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


'Bijli' is a 1 month old female puppy up for adoption. She is a happy puppy, clean, free of ticks and has a nice white coat with brown patches.
She's got the most beautiful pair of eyes.
If she is not sleeping she is jumping around the house and playing with her sister - Captain :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


'Candy' is a pomeranian who was abandoned by her owners..she had a small tumor that was operated upon and now she is perfect. She has been given a green signal from the Veterinary doctor. She is around 6 yrs of age and has got a beautiful temperament. She is very unlike the usual pom's who keep barking and snapping. She is obedeint and toilet trained. She even knows not to beg for food. All she needs now is a loving home and love and i hope she gets one soon.

STATUS :- ADOPTED 30/04/09


'Xena' is a beautiful 1.5 month old female puppy available for adoption. She is absolutely friendly and very playful in nature, loves to chase when u run around, very loving, also loves to be pampered, absolute angel-like.



'Captain' is beautiful 1.5 month old female puppy . She has got a soft coat and is very playful - she will make a wonderful pet.
Adopted - 22/04/09


'Nora' is a 1 month old puppy, similar in personality with her sibling Millie. She is very friendly and loving, has very soft fur.
Adopted - 21/04/09


'Millie' is a 1 month old female puppy . she is very playful and affectionate with very soft fur.
Thanks to the grace of God she has found a loving home :)
Adopted - 21/04/09


'Daisy' is playful and lovable 1 month old female puppy up for adoption.


2 months of age ''Nellie' a gorgeous female puppy is up for adoption. Very mischeivious playful and aggressive, will make a good watch dog.


'Julie' is a healthy 2 month old female puppy up for adoption. Very friendly and active, she will make a good pet.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Patch is a friendly and active 2.5 month old female puppy -
Adopted -


A healthy 2.5 month old female puppy - Atlas is up for adoption.


Brandy is looking for a place that she can call her own.
friendly to both people and other animals..
Adopted - 15/04/09


Coco is a healthy 2.5 month old puppy..up for adoption. with love and affection she will make a good pet.


Simba is a healthy 2.5 month old female puppy up for adoption.


2 months of age this beautiful gal - 'scotch' shows some really good qualities of being a guard dog. She likes to bully her litter-mates and does not like to be carried for a long time. in short she has a mind of her own. she is up for adoption.



Dodo is similar to her sibling santa when it comes to colour..brown and white. At 2 months she is friendly and active, loves to play all day long. She is up for adoption.



Striking personality and beautiful eyes are the two things that makes 'mars' stand out from her litter.
2 months old-female puppy she is up for adoption. She takes her time to get close to people , she does not give in easily..with proper training she has chances of becoming a god guard dog.



'Twix' is a healthy 2 month old female puppy available for adoption. Extremely friendly and loves it when people are around .



Healthy and active at the tender age of around 2 months ruby has found a home for herself.


'Pearl' a gorgeous and healthy 1.5 - 2 month old kitten ahs found a lovely home :)


2 year old male ' Blacky ' is looking for a lovely place where all his excess energy can be burnt :)
loves to run about and play. Socialized with animals. Wary of unknown people which makes him a good gaurd dog.
He is up for adoption.


A handsome boisterous guy ' Choco ' was a rescue puppy who had come to us with a fracture. Very playful and just hated to be put into the kennel. He would do anything to get your attention so he could come out of the kennel.
Full of gaurding instincts and love for every one Choco found a lovely home for himself ! :)


'laara' one beautiful roadie..dun really know what to say about her :) she had come to us as a rescue puppy with a very small injury..that was cured nd she even found a home..but guess destiny had something else in store for her.
She developed a slight problem with her hind legs. Endless visits to vets and neurologists revealed that there was nothing wrong with her spine. Thank God for that. Finally the vet told us to try homoepathy,but would take time. we were ready to do anything for her.. Sadly no one wanted to adopt her, and so as luck would have it, she was adopted by THE PAWS PACK and now she has grown into a beautiful dog! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Snowy is a beautiful 6 yr old pomeranian who was abandoned ruthlessly by her owners. She came to us a femur fracture...and boy!what a lovely snapping unlike the usual pom's..very well behaved and toilet trained. After a successful surgery and our decision of not leaving her back on the roads,we tried our level best to look for a home and in the end our efforts did pay off :)
We found a lovely home for her where she is enjoying her life to the fullest!!!
Now, that's what we call one Happy Ending! :)

Hutch - sanewadi

Hutch stands out from his the tender age of 2 months this fella shows some really good guarding skills. very protective of his litter mated and sometimes likes to bully them too :)
He will make a good pet cum guard dog.


Sandy - sanewadi

Sandy 2 months old, male,healthy fella..looks similar in colour as his sibling copper but has a completely different personality..he just enjoys playing tug -o- war with his siblings.... up fpr Adoption.

Santa -sanewadi

Santa - 2 month old male puppy , has got the colour markings similar to a bernard..i.e brown patches on his white fur. Extremely playful,will make a wonderful pet :) Available for adoption.


Copper - sanewadi

Copper is a handsome 2 month old male puppy, with greenish bluish eyes that make him look all the more smart.... Up for adoption.


Baner puppies

spotty , coke , along with their siblings 'blacky' (the other black male puppy) and 'brownie' (the brown female puppy). 2.5 months old..a very healthy litter , up for adoption.

Baner puppy

'Coke' is a handsome male puppy 2.5 months old- for adoption.

Baner puppy

'Spotty' is a beautiful and healthy 2.5 month old female puppy available for adoption.

Pom - Spitz mix

6 month old pomeranian - spitz mix is up for adoption.very well socialized with both people and animals.



Lovely 4 month old male roadie..jus loves to play with people, socialized with other animals is up for adoption.

Neha . S's puppies

3 month old male puppy available for adoption.


Cute healthy puppies -( 3 females , 2 males ) 2 months of age..up for adoption.


lucky is a 3.5 month old roadie , recovering from distemper. Very friendly , loves people , in search of a good home that she can call her 'own'.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Jack, a healthy male three month old puppy, recovered from a minor accident is up for adoption.