Monday, March 30, 2009

Have a pup/ dog to put up for adoption?

If you have a pup/ dog to put up for adoption - please send us its pictures so we can put it up here and direct prospective families who are interested in taking in a new member into their lives.
Mail us pictures at and include the following details:
  • a detailed description of the dog (e.g. Brown with white patches, long ears etc. )
  • whether it is male or female
  • its approximate age
  • your full name, contact number and address
  • mention whether you have gotten the pup vaccinated, dewormed or done any medical treatment...(if not, please call us and we will be most willing to help you out if it is a stray pup)

You can also contact our Adoption Coordinator RUPAL (who has successfully found homes for loadssss of homeless fellas in the past few months) on 9823283858 from Monday to Saturday between 10:00am and 6:00pm only.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

RE-HOME- Our Adoption Program

The program was formulated with the philosophy that one dog homed is one of the streets.
We in India have been so busy looking at imported breeds, that in the bargain we have completely sidelined breeds that have been an inherent part of our country. So many dogs find their lineage running into our history, yet very few know what they are called.
Many now live by the name "stray" when actually they are descendants from an illustrious line of hounds that helped kings hunt, soldiers fight, farmers protect and tribes herd.
The Great India Dog: Few others are as sturdy, as intelligent and as loyal. We have been blinded by our love for all things novel and have forgotten about these dogs. Now all they are known as are "mongrels", "pariahs", "street dogs".

In our bid to resurrect the popularity of the Great Indian Dog, ResQ Charitable Trust and The Paws Pack is proactively encouraging the adoption of young puppies that are born around your corner store, that see the hardships of life from day one, that know the value of every meal, and will cherish the warmth of every smile they receive. They too need a chance on life, and we feel that its not what’s on the outside, but on the inside that truly matters.

Our REHOME program:
Interviews: Everyone who wishes to adopt a puppy through us must go through a rigorous interview to ensure that they are ready to adopt.
Selection: Once we are convinced of the prospective adopter, they get to choose a puppy. We also assist them through this, so that they make the right choice for their lifestyle as well as for the well being of the pup.
Legalities: The adoption process is completed by the family signing a legal undertaking, to look after the well being of the dog, to vaccinate it on a regular basis, to have it registered with the local ward office, and at the right age to have it neutered/spayed.
Surprise Check: ResQ Charitable Trust reserves the right to visit the family for surprise checks and if it is found that the animal is not well taken care of, the animal can be confiscated with no further warning.